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Issue 47

January/February 2006

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Is Lab-Grown Meat the Future?
Veg Restaurant Review: David Bann
Interview with Hollywood Actress Persia White

The new year is upon us and, let’s face it, you’ve eaten one Little Devil too many. Or maybe it was the soy nog little sis caught you gulping straight from the carton in the light of the refrigerator door. If the office parties and trips to Grandma’s house have widened your shadow, it’s okay—you’re in good company. Everyone wants to get into shape once the holiday zaniness subsides.

VegNews is here to help. While we always “go the extra mile,” this special Health & Fitness issue goes a little bit further. We’ll give you the heads-up on nutrition, help you stay hydrated while training, shatter myths about veg diets, give you a taste of the newest energy bars, keep you off junk food forever, dress you up with the latest vegan athletic gear, and send you off with two Skinny Bitches. Really. So, let’s get moving!

Features include:

Lean Clean Vegan Machine
Introducing 15 veg athletes setting records and redefining health and fitness

Running Man
Vegan dynamo Scott Jurek speaks with VN about Ultramarathons, power lunches and Mad Cowboys

Clean Fuel
Joseph Connelly delivers the lowdown on today’s cleanest, tastiest, healthiest power bars

H2Oh Yeah!
Ironman Triathlete Brendan Brazier pours on the thirst-quenching advice

Good Sport
Get your (cruelty-free) kicks with these fitness accessories

You Are What You Eat
Beware of the vegan junk-food trap

Vegetarian Myths
Unraveling the stereotypes

B12 & Beyond
What every vegetarian should know for optimal health

The Skinny on Two Diet Divas
A literary manifesto for conscious chicks


VegNow: Keeping You Informed On All Things Veg

Up Front
Remembering Donald Watson

News Beet
All of the latest veg happenings from around the world

Readers' views on using sex to sell the movement

Health Watch
Shaping up for the New Year

Meat the Press
Fishing for trouble + a special edition of Eating Words

The Advocate
Lab-grown meat

VegLifeStyle: Helping Enrich Your Veg Life

The ultimate veg detox plan
Global vegan visits Sicily
Spice-infused croquettes
The latest chef & restaurant news
Taste test: vegan cheese
I can’t believe it’s vegan!
Scrumptious orange chocolate chip cookies
Dairy-free hot chocolate

VegEscape to Portland, Maine
Rejuvenating spa getaways

The scoop on DHA
Hollywood celebrity Persia White
VegHome: Cruelty-free candles
Veg advice with Dr. Kerrie
Veg-friendly films
The latest in celebrity buzz
How I went veg

Book Reviews
Man the Hunted
Hunters, Herders and Hamburgers
Selling Sickness
The Monster at Our Door
Senior Fitness

Cookbook Reviews
Raw Food, Real World
Vegan with a Vengeance
Raw Food Made Easy
Living in the Raw Gourmet

PLUS all of the usual... Edgy Veggies comic, international events calendar, letters to the editor, classifieds, photos galore, veg marketplace, and much more.

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