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The back issues of VegNews are filled with interesting articles, interviews, recipes, travel stories, book reviews, the best veg products, and so much more. Complete your collection for just $5 per issue (includes first-class shipping)!

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September+October 2008—Issue #63—CURRENT
• The Food Issue
• Vegan Recipes Galore
• Hot Urban Eats with Terry Hope Romero
• Faux Meat: Love It or Loathe It?
• 6 Cool Culinary Academies
• Restaurant Review: Napa's Ubuntu
• Subsidies 101
• What's in Your Fridge, Joshua Katcher?

July+August 2008—Issue #62$5
• Backstage Pass: Today's brightest music stars talk veg
• The 2008 VegBloggy Awards
• Pretty, awesome Chloé Jo Berman goes green
• Vegan ice creams to scream for
• VegEscape to Los Angeles
• Summer Concerts worth paying the price of gas to get to
• What's in Ari Solomon's closet?

May+June 2008—Issue #61$5
• Eight Spectacular Vegan Weddings
• To Breed or Not to Breed (children, that is!)
• What's in Your Pet's Food?
• Vegansexuals
• The $999 Wedding
• Is Organic Always Best?
• Delicious Vegan Spring Brunch
• Terry Hope Romero: What's in Your Fridge?

March+April 2008—Issue #60$5
• From Hippy to Hip: 30 Years of Vegetarianism
• Veganism: Privilege or Necessity?
• Battling Burnout: An Activist's Guide
• Main-Course Chocolate
• Veg Escape to Memphis
• Cross-Country Road Trip, Veg Style
• How I Went Veg

January+February 2008—Issue #59$10
• The Great Soy Debate
• Raw Revolution
• Extreme Vegan Athletes
• Veganize It! (new column!)
• Veg Escape to Tokyo
• Stress-relieving Spa Vacations
• Cold-fighting Foods

November+December 2007—Issue #58
• The 2007 Veggie Awards
• Deciphering discombobulating food labels
• Remembering Gretchen Wyler
• 2007 Holiday Shopping Guide
• Veg Escape to heavenly Honolulu
• Kombucha deconstructed
• Holiday sweets

September+October 2007—Issue #57
• The Fashion Issue
• Animal-free style and fabrics
• Editorial: "I'm a thrift-shop addict"
• Project Runway's Jay McCarroll
• Dan Piraro's top 10 comeback lines
• Veg Escape to Costa Rica and Paris
• Vegan soul food
• Perfect pizzas (cheeseless!)

July+August 2007—Issue #56
• The 25 Most Fascinating Vegetarians
• Interview with Hollywood's Emily Deschanel
• Special 12-page Section: Veg Travel
• Veg-friendly Workplaces
• Is Your Mattress Organic?
• Veg on Every Budget
• VegNews Does LA
• Taste Test: Veggie Dogs
• Coconut Recipes Galore

May+June 2007—Issue #55-SOLD OUT
• Can Vegetarianism Save the Planet?
• 10 Eco-Fabulous Urban Hotspots
• How Spinach Took the Fall for Factory Farms
• Vegan Cupcake Mania!
• Veg Vacation to Turkey
• Veg Escape to Astoria
• Fall Out Boy's Andy Hurley
• Masala Dosa: Your New Favorite Food

March+April 2007—Issue #54
• Private Label Confidential
• 8 Incredible Vegan Weddings
• Q & A with Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich
• Passion for Peanut Butter
• Toxic Flowers: Are You Buying Organic?
• Veg Vacation to Croatia
• Weekend Escape to Austin, Texas
• America's Cheese Obsession

January+February 2007—Issue #53 — SOLD OUT
• The Health & Longevity Issue
• Exclusive John Robbins interview
• 10 Proven Secrets to Longevity
• Winter Escape to Veg-friendly San Diego
• Curing the Vegan Junk Food Blues
• Multi-Generational Vegetarians
• NYC's Blossom Restaurant
• Fast & Healthy Vegan Recipes

November+December 2006—Issue #52
• 2006 Veggie Award Winners
• Green Goddess Daryl Hannah
• Guide to Socially Responsible Investing
• Corporate Buyouts: Are You In?
• Cartoonist Dan Piraro Column Debut
• High Times in Hong Kong
• Savory Soups
• Taste Test: Vegan Red Wine

September+October 2006—Issue #51--SOLD OUT
• The Fabulous Food Issue
• 20 Best Restaurants for Everyday Dining
• Vegetarian Chefs Tell All
• Sugar & Spice: 5 Vegan Bakeries
• Virginia Wine Country
• VegEscape to Montreal
• Do You Eat Fish?
• Sugar's Dirty Little Secret

July/August 2006—Issue #50--SOLD OUT
• Sizzling Summer Issue
• 12 Best Veg-friendly Towns and Cities
• 1st Annual Veg Webby Awards
• Don't-miss Summer Vegetarian Festivals
• Austin's Veg Firehouse
• Veggie Burgers + Summer Smoothies
• Veg Vacation to Cambodia
• Eating in Paris

May/June 2006—Issue #49
• Lab-grown Meat: Food of the Future?
• Rebel with a Cause: Singer Nellie McKay
• Food Movements around the Globe
• Veg Escape to Brooklyn
• Best Ever Vegan Brunches
• Cleaning Green
• Hip-Brit Author, Scarlett Thomas
• Is Avoiding Honey too Extreme?

March/April 2006—Issue #48
• 9 Spectacular Vegan Weddings
• Jewelry Without Cruelty
• Japanese Temple Cuisine
• VegReport: The Battle for Cage-free Eggs
• VegLit: New Reads by Jane Goodall and Will Tuttle
• VegChic: Metrosexualize Your Man
• Our First Ever Reader Spotlight
• Your Say: Using Sex to Sell a Movement

January/February 2006 Issue #47--SOLD OUT
• The Health & Fitness Issue
• 15 Veg Athletes Who Inspire Us
• Ultramarathoner Scott Jurek
• The Ultimate Veg Detox Plan
• The Veg Junk Food Conundrum
• Hollywood Actress Persia White
• Is Lab-Grown Meat the Future?
• Staff Picks for the Best Vegan Cheese

November/December 2005 Issue #46
• The 2005 Veggie Award Winners
• Exclusive Interview with Woody Harrelson
• Tips for Making Year-End Donations
• Cruelty-Free Holiday Gift Guide
• Veg-Friendly Asheville, North Carolina
• Veg Vacation to Nairobi, Kenya
• Culinary Visit to Korea
• Vegan Pecan Pie with Cashew Whipped Cream

($10) September/October 2005 Issue #45
• Special Vegetarian Travel Edition
• 10 Best Veg Destinations in the World
• Cruelty-Free Travel Accessories
• Interview with Donald Watson
• Digital Cameras
• Vegan Moroccan Food
• Taste Test: Faux Meat
• I Can't Believe It's Vegan!

July/August 2005 Issue #44--SOLD OUT
• Special 5th Anniversary Edition
• Interview with Music Sensation, Moby
• The Best of VegNews
• Jonathan Safran Foer
• Summertime Veggie-Q
• Strawberry Shortcake
• Best Vegan Ice Cream
• Broadway Dancer Tonya Kay

($10) May/June 2005 Issue #43
• Organic is Back
• 12 Most Contaminated Foods
• GMOs: What's on Your Plate?
• Organic Athletes
• Veg Visit to DC
• Best Veggie Burgers
• Dairy-free Blackberry Scones
• Fresh Spring Supper

March/April 2005 Issue #42
• Why A Veg World Would Be a Better World
• 10 Steps to a More Peaceful Life
• The Power of Yoga: Interview with David Life & Sharon Gannon
• Relax with Singer Nellie McKay
• The Best Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies
• Chill Out in San Francisco
• Vegetarian Hunger Projects
• Vegan Indian Cuisine

January/February 2005 Issue #41--SOLD OUT
• Eight Spectacular Vegan Weddings
• Veg Vacationing in Maui
• Veggie Aphrodisiacs (ooh la la!)
• Cakes with a Conscience
• 10 Most Significant Veg Events in 2004
• McDonald's serves up Super-Sized PR
• Taste Test: Soymilk Showdown
• England's Vegan Society 60th Birthday Bash

November/December 2004—Issue #40
• The 2004 Veggie Award Winners
• Fabulous Holiday Gift Guide
• Decadent Chocolate Holiday Desserts
• A Culinary Visit to France
• Toronto: Veg Dining in Canada's Hotspot
• Protecting Schools from the Dairy Industry
• Teens Making a Difference
• The Heifer Project

September/October 2004—Issue #39--SOLD OUT
• The Country's Hottest Veg Restaurants
• Fine Dining Goes Veg
• Vegan Wine & Beer
• A Culinary Visit to China
• News from the Obesity Summit
• Sticky Fingers Bakery
• A Veg Weekend in DC
• The 2004 Veggie Awards Ballot

July/August 2004—Issue #38SOLD OUT
The Low-Carb Craze. Is it Healthy?
• Seven Vegans Thriving on High Carbs
• New Hit Film Super Size Me
• Summertime Grilling
• Homemade Dairy-Free Ice Cream
• Fort Lauderdale's Sublime Restaurant
• Veg Weekend in Chicago
• Bizarro's Dan Piraro

March/April 2004—Issue #37--$10
• Interview with Whole Foods CEO John Mackey
• Fast Food Gets Healthy
• Will Junk Food be the Next Tobacco?
• Veggie Sushi
• Restaurant Review: Millennium Restaurant
• Mr. Goodburger's Healthy Fast Food
• Veg Weekend in Portland, Oregon
• Meat Substitutes for Kids

January/February 2004—Issue #36--SOLD OUT
• Eight Dazzling Vegan Weddings
• Interview with Veg Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich
• What Mad Cow means for Vegetarians
• Fighting for Animals on Capitol Hill
• Veg Dating: Finding the Love of Your Life
• Chocolate Madness
• Vegetarian Bed & Breakfast Inns
• The Benefits of Soy

November/December 2003—Issue #35--SOLD OUT
• The 2003 Veggie Award Winners
• Veg Storefronts around the Country
• Great Cruelty-Free Gift Ideas
• Whole Foods CEO Goes Veg
• Foie Gras Undercover Investigation
• Cookbook Review: The Artful Vegan
• Holiday Vegan Appetizers
• Sweet Potatoes & Tantalizing Trifle

September/October 2003—Issue #34SOLD OUT
• David Wolfe, J.D. on Raw Foods
• Interview: Roxanne's Roxanne & Michael Klein
• Raw Resource Guide
• Victory! Vegetarian Food in Schools
• Top 10 Healthiest Foods
• Vegan Mexican Food
• Dairy-Free Apple Dumplings
• Book Review: Breaking the Food Seduction

July/August 2003—Issue #33--SOLD OUT
• Animal Sanctuaries
• Interview: Farm Sanctuary's Gene & Lorri Bauston
• Mad Cow Disease in Canada?
• Survival of Independent Media
• Vegan La France!
• What About Protein?
• Wrap N' Roll: Delicious Summer Wraps
• Vegan Thai Food

May/June 2003—#32--SOLD OUT
• Sweet Success: Simple Treats Vegan Bakery
• The Veg Wives' Club
• 10 Women Making A Difference
• Book Review: Fat Land
• A Visit To Mexico's Copper Canyon
• Traveling by Train: Tips for Eating Veg
• Vegan Strawberry Shortcake
• Brooklyn's Goga Vegetarian Cafe and Lounge

March/April 2003—#30/31
• Veg Leaders Speak Out for Peace
• "Over Fishing the Oceans" by Paul Watson
• Beyond Bacon & Eggs: Veg Breakfast Recipes
• Book Review: Dominion
• Photo Highlights of the Bay Area Veg Fair
• Sailing with the Sea Shepherd
• "How I Went Veg" Column Debut
• Brains, B-12, and Vegan Moms

January/February 2003—#28/29 SOLD OUT
• Eight Dazzling Vegan Weddings
• Planning Your Dream Veg Wedding
• Veggie Viagra
• Romancing Enhancing Veg Products
• Veganic Gardening
• Veg Heaven: San Jose, California
• A Case for Zero Population Growth
• Book Review: Compassionate Living

December 2002—#27--SOLD OUT

• Shopping Veg on the Web
• "Is Veganism a Religion?" by Stanley Sapon, Ph.D.
• Buddhism & Vegetarianism
• Restaurant Review: Roxanne’s
• Holiday Product Picks
• Delicious & Dairy-Free Holiday Cookies
• Chef Beverly’s Soy Nog
• Vegetarian Treatment for Iron Deficiency Anemia

($10) November 2002—#26
• San Francisco’s Millennium Restaurant
• Kitchen Connoisseur Product Review
• Tofu in Taiwan
• A Vegan Thanksgiving
• Book Review: Food Politics
• Vegan Nutrition
• San Francisco’s Hot New Vegan Boutique
• Award-Winning Documentary: The Witness

October 2002—#25
• Julia Butterfly Hill Speaking Out to Save the Environment
• "Public Lands Ranching" by Mike Hudak
• GMO Labeling
• Veg Dining in Thailand
• A Tuscan Fall Supper
• Why Bioneers Should Go Veg
• The Environmental Impact of Nitrogen
• Theatre Review: Vegetable
September 2002—#24--SOLD OUT
• Best of Vegetarian: First Annual Reader’s Choice Awards
• Conference Highlights: AR 2002,
• Scotland Congress & Summerfest
• Fall Food Festival Preview
• Vegetarian Laos
• Restaurant Review: Toronto’s Fressen
• Vegan Coconut Chocolate Chip Bars
• Dr. Will Tuttle: Shojin and Samadhi

($10) July/August 2002—#22/23--SOLD OUT
Special Supplement: Animal Rights News
• Toronto’s Vegetarian Food Fair
• Leading Young Activists
• Cultural Creatives
• Vegetarian Dining in Singapore
• Restaurant Review: Eatopia Express
• Marketing 101 for Vegetarian Businesses
Vegan Barbecues
• Book Review: Sea Vegetable Celebration!

June 2002—#21
• West Virginia’s Sweet Thyme Inn
• Interview: Veg Travel Agent Donna Zeigfinger
• Dining in New Orleans
• PETA’s Safeway Report
• The 4th International Congress on Veg Nutrition
• Maui’s Orchard-Farm Project
• Book Review: Living Among Meat Eaters
• Chef Beverly’s ‘Basketful of Berries’ Hand Pies

May 2002—#20
• Vegan Families: Growing Up Veg
• Youth in the News
• Vegetarian Thailand & Scotland
• Restaurant Review: Vancouver’s Urban Monks
• Must-Have Books for Vegetarian Kids
• PETA’s Top Ten Veg-Friendly Ball Parks
• VegPicks: Vegan Cookie of the Month
• Celebrate Spring with Cool Smoothies

($5) April 2002—#19
• International Vegetarian Travel
• Cincinnati’s Great Escape
• Eric Marcus on Burger King’s BK Veggie
• Clothing Optional Vegan Education
• Costa Rican Cuisine
• Book Review: Vegan Deli
• Havana’s Organic Revolution
• Restaurant Review: Golden Era

March 2002—#18--SOLD OUT
• Casey Kasem
• The Great American Meatout
• Vegetarian Chef Ken Bergeron
• Book Review: Eternal Treblinka
• Meals Without Recipes
• Quebec Gives Inmates the Right to Remain Veg
• Alex Bourke’s Vegetarian London
• The Death of Dave Thomas

January/February 2002—#16/17--SOLD OUT
• Linda Blair Interview
• Great American Turkey Rescue
• Winter veg gatherings
• Vegetarian Spain
• Book Review: Turn off the Fat Genes
• Veg Travel Guides to the Bay Area and Philadelphia
Bioterror Vulnerability in the Meat Industry
Restaurant Review: Harmony Vegetarian Restaurant

November/December 2001—#14/15--SOLD OUT
Spectacular Vegan Weddings (16-page section)
• Religion and Animal Rights
• Vegan in the Big Apple
• Poultry Pardons
• The PETA Gala
A Mediterranean Holiday Supper
Restaurant Review: Candle Café
Top Veg-Friendly Honeymoon Destinations

($10) October 2001—#13
• Give Peace a Chance
• "A Witness to Tragedy" by Eddie Lama
• London’s Vegan Festival
• Vegetarian Chicago
• Lucky Lily
• Community Cooking with Alka Chandna
• VegPicks: The Ultimate Un-Cheesecake
• How a Chicken Changed My Life

($10) September 2001—#12
• Worldfest Conference Highlights
• The Soy Happy Campaign
• Veg Travel Guide to Los Angeles
• Restaurant Review: Native Foods
• Vegetarian Poland
• Vegetarian Baby Boom in U.S.
• Vegan Moms & School Lunches
• Veg Summer Camp

August 2001—#11
• Victory in PETA's Burger King Campaign
• AR-2001 Conference Highlights
• "The Enlightened Kitchen" by Marie Oser
• Vegetarian Istanbul
• A Culinary Tour to Mexico
• Wendy’s: Closed for Animal Cruelty
• Remembering Ryan
• The Meat Free Zone Campaign

July 2001—#10
• "Would You Like Beef in Your Fries" by Harish Bharti
• "The Calcium Myth" by Ruth Heidrich
• Center for Vegan Organic Education
• Book Review: The Food Revolution
• Veg Travel Guide to Pittsburgh
• Veganic Gardening
• Compassion Living
• Hamburger High School

May/June 2001—#8/9
• "Becoming a Grandfather" by John Robbins
• Vegan Pregnancy
• Advisor Profile: Dr. Michael Klaper
• "Growing Up in India" by Vicky Lightfoot
• Veg Travel Guide to Washington, DC
• Vegan Family Values
• The Dallas Zoo’s “Chick Fillets”
• Tales of an Ex-McMom

April 2001—#7
• Atom's Juice Café vs. Subway
• Is Howard Lyman Suffering from AVD?
• Editorial: "Defining Moments"
• Book Review: Fast Food Nation
• April in Paris
• The Best of the Natural Products Expo
• The Soy Happy Campaign
• Broccoli Quiche

March 2001—#6
• "Buckeye Farm Rescue" by Erik Marcus
• Genesis Awards
• Gretchen Wyler Interview
• "Food For Lovers" by Will Tuttle
• Vegetarian Dublin
• Progress for Raw Fooders
• Delicious Raw Recipes
• St. Patricks’ Day Vegan Irish Boxty

February 2001—#5
• Jim Mason Interview
• Mendocino’s Stanford Inn
• Vegan Guide to Chocolate
• Vegetarian Florence
• Veg Travel Guide to Orlando
• Food for Life Relief in India
• Veg-Friendly Valentine’s Day
• Florida Vote Goes to the Pigs

January 2001—#4
• "Mad Cow, Mad World" by Howard Lyman
• Vermont’s Sweet Onion Inn
• Mainstream Media Turns Toward Activism
• John Robbins Interview, part 3
• Veg Travel Guides to Miami and Fort Lauderdale
• Cow-Tastrophy in Europe
• Pigs, Pollution, and Profit
• Vegan Sweet Potato Pie

November/December 2000— #3--SOLD OUT
• Fabulous Vegan Weddings
• Karma-Free Food Relief
• The Maimonides Project
• "Ask Joanne" Advice Column Debut
• Vegetarian London
• What Diet Does God Prefer?
• Vegan Business Ethics
• Vegetarian Holiday Menu

September/October 2000—#2--SOLD OUT
• Humane Education
• Video Review: The Witness
• John Robbins Interview, part 2
• Summer Conference Reports
• Veg Travel Guides to Seattle and Boston
• A Way of Seeing
• WorldFest 2000
• Meet Advisors Zoe Weil & Rae Sikora

July/August 2000 (premiere Issue)—#1--SOLD OUT
• WorldFest Preview
• John Robbins Interview, part 1
• Farm Sanctuary
• Jay Dinshah
• Veg Travel Guide to New York City
• Peaceable Kingdom: Farm Sanctuary
• Book Review: The Saucy Vegetarian
• Restaurant Review: Kokila’s Kitchen

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